As businesses accelerate digital transformation, managing availability and performance becomes a priority. Traditional approaches to IT operations lack the speed and accuracy to maintain the highest levels of customer and user experience – a new approach is essential.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is set to provide the vital support for faster and better decision making in IT operations, and new platforms, known as AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for Operations), are emerging to provide the essential visibility.

Research from Gartner forecasts that 25 percent of global companies will have implemented an AIOps platforms by 2019, up from a current level of around 5 percent.

AI Supports IT Professionals

Monitoring IT operations is a time-consuming task with hundreds or thousands of events reported each day. Analyzing and prioritizing those events manually can delay response, and impact customer and user experience.

AI can speed and automate that process by analyzing and correlating large data sets in a fraction of the time taken by humans. AIOps platforms use machine learning and sophisticated analytics techniques to provide fast insight into events and enable rapid response.

Using algorithms, these platforms can analyze millions of events to highlight the small number of incidents that need attention. However, the process still requires the knowledge and experience of IT professionals to make the final decisions. AIOps platforms simply eliminate the time-consuming manual tasks.

Improving Visibility and Response

AIOps platforms have the capability to increase visibility into the activities associated with the creation, performance and use of applications.

Algorithms capture knowledge from events and the process used to resolve incidents. An AIOps platform analyzes previous incidents and identifies those with similar characteristics. The platform can then provide IT professionals with immediate access to root causes and successful resolutions.

Increasing Automation

This information can also be used to automate future responses to recurring incidents and support proactive monitoring, diagnosis, response and remediation.

IT teams can use an AIOps platform to identify patterns and create automated task sequences that are deployed in response to a set of defined circumstances. The platform is also capable of learning form outcomes and modifying automated processes to improve their effectiveness.

By monitoring and analyzing the behavior of infrastructure and applications under different conditions, AIOps platforms can be used to predict future events that might affect availability and performance.

Supporting Efficient Service Operations

The availability of detailed analytical information can improve the efficiency and productivity of service desk operations.

For example, the system can create automated notifications to alert users or service staff of scenarios that could impact performance and require remediation.

The available knowledge can be used in collaborative sessions to enable service teams to quickly diagnose and offer solutions to problems raised by users. The information can also be built into knowledge databases, technical documentation and self-service systems to reduce the workload on the service desk.

Reducing Costs and Improving Operations

AI can help IT teams become more agile and responsive. It can also reduce costs by cutting the time to diagnose and resolve incidents, and supporting self-service operations.

It can improve IT productivity by eliminating manual monitoring and analysis, enabling teams to streamline workflow and run smarter operations.

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