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How challenging do you find data migration? With traditional manual processes, it can be complex, time-consuming and prone to error. And, with the massive increases in data and demand for improved availability, mobile access and speed of response, the pressure on IT teams continues to grow.

Dell EMC believes there is a better way, which they call Intelligent Data Mobility (IDM). This approach features high levels of automation and intelligence to streamline the key processes of data discovery, planning and migration to new storage arrays.

Cutting Time and Disruption

According to the company, adopting an IDM approach can reduce migration time by 40 percent, environment mapping time by 33 percent and remediation by 60 percent. These are significant savings and they can enable IT to speed deployment of new storage resources, cut costs, minimize disruption and reduce the burden on internal resources.

While the biggest savings occur when IT is moving data to new storage arrays, there are opportunities for incremental savings because IT can now move data and workloads seamlessly on an ongoing basis.

Factory Approach

IDM is now built into Dell EMC products, but it is also available as a service. This service is built on what the company calls a ‘factory approach’ to data migration. IDM uses a repeatable, standardized methodology that is platform and vendor agnostic.

It incorporates best practice and knowledge based on the company’s experience in migrating more than an Exabyte of data per year. This helps drive predictable success and accelerates time to value for new storage investments.

The service also incorporates IDM Blueprints – methodologies for implementing specific migration use cases. This enables the service to be customized to meet specific business needs and migration outcomes.

Phased Migration

IDM covers the three key phases of data migration.

  1. In the discovery phase, automated tools reduce the time required to map physical and virtual assets. Dell EMC’s E-Lab Advisor tool supports automated interoperability analysis and reporting.
  2. During the planning phase, IDM documents business and technical requirements, analyzes assets and identifies the most suitable Blueprint. The tools provide automation scripts and validate them on sample data sets.
  3. In the execution phase, IDM tools initialize data, migrate data, reconfigure data and put new storage arrays into production.

The result is a seamless transition with minimal disruption and an end to the headaches associated with traditional data migration.

Professional Services

VTG provides professional services for clients on migration projects with Dell EMC and uses our proprietary migration tool ZENfra™ to handle automation across the three phases.

The company was recently presented with Dell EMC’s 2017 Best Customer Experience Award for its leadership in Intelligent Data Mobility.

According to the award, ZENfra™, which is VTG’s IDM software, has made a significant impact on customer engagements, reducing migration lead times and costs compared to in-house approaches.

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