To win more clients looking for data migration services, you must respond quickly with a detailed data migration quote. In addition, as a solution provider, you must understand the current customer infrastructure environment and be able to define the cope. Check out the following easy steps to quote data center migration quickly for your end clients.

Understanding the Customer Environment

As a solution provider you need to understand the current customer environment without creating work to customer. Typically, solution providers ask customers to complete complex questionnaires and require them to install tool to collect information. Many times, the customer doesn’t have time which significantly stalls the process.  Service Providers can use logfiles (which are readily available on the hardware) to analyze and understand the customer environment.

Define the Scope

Once the system integrator understands the environment it takes multiple iterations to understand the scope due to lack of understanding, migration options and business requirements. With analytics, System Integrators recommend best case options for the migration and try to mirror that business need.

Define Remediation Effort

Many times System Integrators focus on ASIS migration, but fail to understand current issues and how things can be enhanced for migration and business purpose.  This provides a measurable value for customer and speeds up migrations.  System Integrators should be able to analyze and prepare a high level remediation plan with Health-check based on logfiles.

Finalize Scope

With proper information and remediation plans, System Integrators are equipped to accurately quote services and set expectations and provide better value for the customer and System Integrators.

Price it Right and Price it Quick

With the correct scope and proper information System Integrators are able quote services with proper expectations. In service sales, timing is critical. System Integrators should be equipped to provide the quote to the customer in 24 hours. At Virtual Tech Gurus our commitment is to be available within 1 hour of the customers’ request for a scoping call.  After that, we simply need 15 minutes to collect logfiles and 24 hours to return a complete, accurate and detailed Migration quote.

Faster, More Accurate Quotes - Means More Business

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