Aging Software-Product Engineering Adds More Value

Aging Software - Product Engineering Adds More Value

Your software products are vital to the success of your business. They help your employees work more efficiently and ensure that your customers get the best possible experience when they use your digital applications and services.

But, you may not be getting full value from those services if they are not taking advantage of the latest technologies. Product revenue may be declining while maintenance costs continue to increase. The products may not be suitable for cloud and mobile working. And, they may not offer the levels of performance and security users and customers expect.

High-Risk Software

Continuing to use aging software poses a number of significant risks to the business, particularly in areas like security and compliance. If you are no longer issuing security fixes and updates, your users may be vulnerable to threats that firewall and anti-virus solutions are unable to protect. This, in turn, can threaten compliance, particularly if your software is used in regulated applications and industries.

Aging software may not be optimized for the latest operating systems or compatible with other recent applications. That can limit both performance and the ability to integrate with other applications. Poor software performance also carries the risk of downtime, damaging the user experience and threatening critical operations. And, maintaining aging software, fixing errors and responding to breakdowns increases total cost of operations.

Extend Product Life

Faced with those challenges, do you continue to offer the same solution and risk losing customers, retire the product or start a new development program? Developing a new product can be time-consuming and carries a degree of risk. Product engineering offers an alternative that can extend the life of existing products and transform their performance through reengineering or upgrading.

Experienced product engineers can review existing products to identify weaknesses and identify opportunities for improvement. The review should be based not just on product performance, but on market demand to ensure the updated product meets the latest market requirements.

Improve Performance and Functionality

Older software products may have been designed for on-premise deployment. This limits their use by employees and customers who are familiar with cloud-based products and expect access anywhere, anytime on any device.

Re-engineering the product for cloud deployment meets those requirements and ensures that remote and mobile workers can make full use of their software. Cloud deployment also ensures that the upgraded product is scalable, which is important if you plan to grow the user base.

Reengineering can also improve performance through code that runs faster, reduces response times and requires fewer resources. And, it provides an opportunity to add functionality to create software that has greater market appeal.

Increase ROI and Reduce Costs

Extending the life of aging software and improving its performance can increase the return on your original investment and provide an opportunity to generate additional revenue from new versions and future upgrades. It can also reduce maintenance and support costs through improved reliability and security.

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