Independent Testing Services

Ensuring your software products have the quality to maximize user and customer satisfaction

VTG’s Independent Testing Services provide you with an unbiased assessment of software quality to ensure that your products are fit for purpose, free from bugs and compliant with the highest industry standards. Using an independent specialist firm can also reduce the time and cost of testing, helping you accelerate digital transformation or speed up the release of new products.
  • Center of excellence for independent software testing
  • Ensures software meets the highest standards of functionality and performance.
  • Highly qualified professionals with years of experience in the independent assessment of digital products
  • Rigorous techniques and automated processes
  • Impartial quality checks from a customer perspective

Our Service Offerings


VTG Consultants assess your current quality assessment practices and help you plan testing procedures. They approach software testing from the customer’s perspective, ensuring that usability and performance meet the most rigorous standards. They provide independent advice on the most appropriate testing processes for your business and ensure that testing is fully integrated with development and release programs. The service includes test and defect management, development of end-to-end testing frameworks, independent test and acceptance services, test automation, manual testing, application and integration testing.


  • Access to independent expertise in testing

  • Unbiased advice on quality issues

  • Expert guidance on testing standards and procedures

  • Confidence that your software will meet the highest standards

Test Automation

Manual testing provides a measure of quality control, but does not ensure bug-free software. Manual methods are prone to error, resulting in costly reworking and project delays. Automated testing is essential for agile software development, supporting rapid testing and release, and giving project teams the confidence to move to the next iteration. VTG have built on years of experience in testing high-quality software to developed sophisticated automated processes that eliminate the risk of error and speed up the testing process.


  • Cost-effective alternative to in-house manual testing

  • Eliminates the risk of human error

  • Reduces testing timescales.

  • Minimizes the need for rework

  • Supports effective testing of multilingual products.

Test as a Services

VTG Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS) provides an outsourced testing service to support your development teams. The cloud-based platform features high levels of automation to speed up testing and eliminate the risk of error, with processes based on best practice. You can use the service to provision end-to-end testing facilities from the cloud, without building, managing and operating your own infrastructure. The TaaS platform supports application quality assessment in areas such as functional testing, load and stress testing, performance and benchmark testing, and regression testing.


  • Access to testing center of excellence resources

  • Increased testing flexibility with scalable model providing resources on demand

  • Eliminates need for infrastructure investment and operation

  • Consumption-based pay-as-you-go OPEX model

  • Standardized, automated processes to ensure highest levels of quality

  • High quality testing performance in line with industry best practice

Digital Testing

We recognize the critical role digital services and applications play in digital transformation initiatives. Our Digital Testing services support agile development teams by providing test automation frameworks and platforms that enable continuous testing as part of the rapid development process. VTG Digital Testing is a cost-effective, highly-efficient solution that delivers quality outcomes, rapid results and improved productivity. The cloud-based service supports the highest levels of quality assurance based on best practice and standardized processes. VTG can recommend the appropriate services for your project.


  • Automated processes reduce testing lead times

  • Scalable solution increases project flexibility

  • Fully integrated with agile development processes

  • Enhance go-to-market speed with automation strategies

We Love Making Our Customers Happy

“Virtual Tech Gurus is an incredible, talented team whose deep knowledge of technology has provided our customers with added insight into architecture and infrastructure improvement. They also have a unique ability to discuss strategic concepts at the CxO and VP level while still able to discuss implementation and technical details with DBA, host admins and storage professionals.

They have worked with our team to help develop solutions with tangible returns for our customers and partners for several years and their insights are invaluable to our technical sales team.”

- Technology Account Manager, EMC Corporation

“I want to let you know how happy I am with the work performed by Virtual Tech Gurus Consultant at my customer site. He exceeded all expectations !!! He did a GREAT JOB !!”

- Project Manager, EMC Corporation

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Independent Testing Services

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VTG’s Independent Testing Services will help you deliver high-quality, bug-free software that creates a great user and customer experience, while accelerating time to market and helping to reduce your overall development costs.

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