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Our skilled project teams will help you plan and implement your migration with an end-to-end service.

We work with your team at every stage from opportunity identification, initial assessment and implementation to ongoing management.

The service is suitable for storage, server, application or exchange migration, and migration to the cloud.

We use our patented automation tool ZENfra to ensure a successful end-to-end transition. This helps lower costs by around 25 percent and reduce migration times by 30 to 40 percent compared to traditional in-house methods.

Cloud Solutions Available

The Cloud is a revolutionary tool that can be a great help in business processes and success.

Private Cloud Solutions

Cloud specialists help you assess your existing data center, then design, implement, optimize and manage your cloud with minimal disruption. We adopt a phased approach to ensure your cloud solution can be sustained long-term.

Working with your company’s infrastructure, development, and operational teams, we help you develop a fluid and cohesive solution to leverage the dynamic nature of a cloud.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

We analyze your operational requirements, then design, build, and support your hybrid cloud using proven technologies such as VMware vRealize Suite, OpenStack, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure.

Solutions for Service Providers

If you offer cloud resources as a service at the retail level, you can use our standardized controls and mastering process to ensure world-class governance.

We will help your business while meeting the strict compliance and security guidelines that your customers expect and trust.

Automation and Customization

A successful cloud solution delivers infrastructure resources quickly and efficiently. To achieve this level of performance, our specialists customize cloud solutions using various scripting languages such as APIs, Puppet Scripting, and DevOps.

We Love Making Our Customers Happy

“Virtual Tech Gurus is an incredible, talented team whose deep knowledge of technology has provided our customers with added insight into architecture and infrastructure improvement. They also have a unique ability to discuss strategic concepts at the CxO and VP level while still able to discuss implementation and technical details with DBA, host admins and storage professionals.

They have worked with our team to help develop solutions with tangible returns for our customers and partners for several years and their insights are invaluable to our technical sales team.”

- Technology Account Manager, EMC Corporation

“I want to let you know how happy I am with the work performed by Virtual Tech Gurus Consultant at my customer site. He exceeded all expectations !!! He did a GREAT JOB !!”

- Project Manager, EMC Corporation

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