Bring Down the Barriers to Transformation

A recent IDG survey, The Challenge of Change: IT in Transition, found that while businesses recognized the importance of IT transformation, the majority were unsure how to map their journey. The challenge is to modernize IT to support business needs more effectively by bringing together the right technology, skills and processes.

Analysts IDC predict that by 2020 the majority of business revenue for many large organizations will depend on their ability to create digitally enhanced products and services. So, it’s no surprise that their research indicated that CEOs in two thirds of large organizations surveyed had set digital transformation as a strategic priority.

However, when it came to implementing transformation, IDC found that 84 percent of projects were perceived as failures.

Identify the Barriers

Among the barriers to transformation, 64 percent of respondents to the IDG survey cited legacy infrastructure and processes, while more than half reported data security, technology silos and competing priorities as problems.

Researchers found that many transformation initiatives begin with a decision to move some services or workloads to the cloud. However, that raises further questions of security, integration with legacy systems and the cloud readiness of specific applications.

For example, IDG found that only around 40 percent of enterprise applications are optimized for cloud, while 72 percent of respondents saw determining the choice of workloads as a major barrier to cloud migration.

Make the Right Choices

Migration is a strategic decision that can make your data center operations more agile and more efficient. It can give you greater capacity to manage increasing volumes of data or improve the performance of applications and services that are struggling on legacy infrastructures.

However, the question facing data center managers is not just when to move, but where. Decisions about destination are not simple and should take account of all considerations. Migration specialists such as VTG can provide objective advice on a solution that meets your business, financial and operational needs.

Eliminate Routine Day-to-Day Tasks

It’s also important to free staff to concentrate on transformation. In many organizations, day-to-day operational issues are diverting staff from the more strategically important tasks of migration and digital transformation. Responding to unexpected issues or outages is a major problem, followed by the complexity of managing disparate business applications.

To maintain momentum and focus on innovation, IT needs a better way to deal with day-to-day issues.

Free Time with Automation

Automating routine tasks will free time for more strategic migration initiatives without compromising availability and operational efficiency.

Automation tools such as VTG’s ZENfra can reduce the time taken to improve the speed and accuracy of infrastructure assessment, for example. Infrastructure automation tools can help teams identify potential problems before they occur. This enables IT teams to respond proactively to prevent outages and reduce downtime, as well as cutting the time they need to spend recovering from incidents.

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