Sustainable Cloud – 3 Phases

1) Master the Technology – Simplicity, Security, and Scalability.  Knowledge transfer and training to your technical staff by seasoned VTG consultants with proven track records for all levels of enterprise.

  • Cloud Readiness – Scored IT Assessment and Game Plan
  • Reduced Training Costs
  • Lightning Fast Deliverables
  • Optimization and Usage Models

2) Adopt the Operational Methodology – Complete datacenter integration with all software and personnel conducted by VTG specialists in DevOps, Project Management and Service Delivery

  • Break silos to form a cohesive Cloud Delivery “Team”
  • Achieve Cost and Resource Accountability – Infrastructure/Development
  • Improved Development Lifecycle
  • Reduced Procurement Costs

3) Duplicate and Refine the Process – Real-time responses for the dynamic needs of the business with orchestration of all software through customization, integration and automation of various multi-vendor API calls.

  • Simplify D2D Operations – reduce the “Keystrokes and Clicks”
  • Non-provisioning workflows for any department (HR Onboarding, Monthly Reports, etc.)
  • Refine and polish all service offerings to a Service Provider level (Public)