Data Center Modernization

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"Start making your data centers a resource of business transformation."

Business leaders realize the value of data now more than ever. Moreover, it serves as the cornerstone for long-term success by focusing on the continual improvement of processes that affect your business operations. But how can we ensure that the same degree of innovation is maintained in data center facilities? The solution is data center modernization.

Why is Data Center Modernization required?

In today's competitive world, every firm is bringing more innovations and attempting to shorten the time to market. But unfortunately, only a few firms are winning the struggle since their back-end infrastructure was not previously optimized for Availability, Scalability, Reliability, Performance, and Automation.

By updating the data center with technologies like hyperconverged infrastructure, private cloud, software defined network, software defined firewall, software defined wide area network(WAN), unified storage, unified backup solution, enterprise management system, anti-APT, email, web, server security, intelligent cabling, and innovative rack.

Data Center Modernization assists organizations in meeting SLAs, reducing Data Center footprint and OPEX, accelerating the development life cycle, improving the performance and availability of business applications, and shortening the schedule for Go to Market.

So let's jump into the basics.

First, let's learn about Data Center Modernization:

The digital transformation of a data center to increase operational efficiency is known as data center modernization.

To put this into context, as more data is generated every day, the manner this information is stored, managed, and analyzed is constantly changing.

Organizations are increasingly evaluating their IT infrastructure to ensure all procedures are up to speed on current operational trends, such as virtualization and automation, to keep data secure.

According to Gartner, by 2025, 80% of organizations will close their traditional data centers, which are siloed, labor-intensive, slow to set up, and costly to maintain amalgamations of hardware and software. The trend away from traditional data centers is continuing, but not everything migrates to the cloud.

The following are some of the advantages of an efficient data center:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Comprehensive security
  • Ease of operation
  • Agility and performance have increased.

Remove barriers between your data center and the cloud.

Traditional data center infrastructure serves traditional applications well, but times have changed. New waves of innovation have boosted customer expectations, and organizations' old infrastructure is struggling to keep up.

Adopting new agile on-premises architecture is one of the first stages toward generating excellent business value and discovering cloud capabilities in your data center.

Combining this with cloud services aids in breaking down corporate silos, improving communication, and increasing security.

The Benefits

Data center modernization offers several advantages, including more significant IT deployment, higher security requirements, and more.

  • Modernization enables your firm to respond to shifting industry needs with more agility. You boost your organization's capacity to implement and adapt to new technologies by being flexible in your IT procedures.
  • You may identify the new potential for development with more insight into your processes. What businesses do with the data is more significant than the data itself. Modern procedures provide more visibility into how you can use the data available to function better for your customers and your business as it is gathered and processed.
  • Creating solutions that revolutionize businesses using old data centers. Legacy data centers can no longer handle the volume of data generated by enterprises daily. Consequently, upgrading those leads to a stronger competitive advantage, lower expenses, and higher profits.
  • By keeping your infrastructure up to date, you bring attention to older systems that need to be updated. It's tough to get your data center modernization initiatives started if you don't know what IT equipment has to be updated in the first place.
  • Modernization of your data center positions your business to attain superior organizational outcomes. According to a 2019 Forrestor study, firms that employ current IT techniques are "three times more inclined to fulfill user demands."
  • Whether clients operate in an on-premises, cloud, or hybrid model, data center modernization expertise turns old infrastructures into ones that readily expand, handle enterprise's ever-changing demands, and provide a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Data Center Modernization Influencing Factors

The digital age has increased the need for enterprises to modernize their data centers to understand better their data and how it affects their business outcomes.

It is under continual demand to enhance, grow, consolidate, and optimize programs to satisfy its end users' needs.

Modern data architecture allows organizations to consume and interpret information to predict market developments and make strategic choices, which raises the question: is your data center capable of serving your organization's digital needs? These three critical influential factors will affect your decision to implement a transformational approach to stay competitive.

  1. Storage, physical space, and the rise of unstructured data
  2. Cost
  3. Security and Reliability

Providing innovative solutions

Organizations rapidly and quickly grow to meet the ever-changing demands of business through modernizing the data centers and can collaborate with key stakeholders throughout the business to deliver applications and solutions to market faster.

Connect with our digital infrastructure specialists now if you are interested in altering your operations to get a competitive advantage in the marketplace and suit the ever-changing demands of your organization.

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