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Accelerate Remote Collaboration for Migration Projects

  1. Benefit from specialist professional tools
  2. Give remote teams consistent information
  3. Speed migration with automated processes
  4. Deliver insight with comprehensive reporting
  5. Keep projects on track

Specialist professional tools

The global coronavirus pandemic means that many migration teams are now working remotely, collaborating via videoconference. While remote collaboration can be effective and productive, it’s essential to ensure that your teams can access the same accurate information, wherever they are located.

A successful migration moves through a number of stages, with different information requirements at each stage. VTG can provide a specialist tool that can provide teams with the information they need. VTG is a specialist in data center migration and has developed a sophisticated tool - ZENfra™ – that can automate each stage of the process.

Until now, that tool has only been used by VTG professionals to manage migration projects for clients. Now, VTG is making ZENfra available to in-house teams so that they can continue to progress migration projects, even when they are working remotely.

Consistent information

The key benefit is that every member of the team will have the same consistent view of the essential migration data through a single pane of glass. That will reduce the risk of errors and eliminate any unnecessary work. Using ZENfra also speeds up migration, so that projects can remain on schedule, provided staff can access infrastructure during any sustained period of lockdown.

Here’s how ZENfra works, providing useful benefits at each stage of the migration process. ZENfra integrates initial assessment, development of a strategic migration plan and pre-migration testing to ensure a smooth, end-to-end transition that is some 40 percent faster than traditional manual methods. It also incorporates best practice and helps to eliminate the risk of human error.

Automated processes

Using manual discovery methods can delay any migration project, so ZENfra provides automation processes for each stage of migration. Discovery is a data-intensive process and that’s why it’s essential to use automation tools. ZENfra eliminates the complexity of data capture by capturing information using log files to provide reports for architects, migration engineers and project managers. This approach eliminates the need for agents to collect information and provides a comprehensive, accurate basis for designing and scheduling the migration process.

The log files are uploaded quickly and easily to ZENfra and the tool keeps multiple data-points for comparison based on date and time. These tools can carry out vendor-specific log file analysis or customize data collection to meet specific migration requirements. ZENfra processes the log file and creates a database with the required information. The database can be easily modified to add additional data fields.

Comprehensive reporting

ZENfra provide detailed analysis and reporting capabilities. It can find devices not performing at industry standards, for example, or identify low-performing FA ports based on the physical configuration. It can also automatically discover replication standards and related issues. ZENfra creates a variety of preset or customized reports to suit the needs of individual projects. Customized reports can be used to identify any anomalies based on industry best practice or customer standards.

ZENfra can create consolidated reports on an environment to validate infrastructure setup or support reclamation or performance balancing. It also provides essential data for migration planning and validation. The information available from ZENfra analysis and reports provides an accurate picture of the current infrastructure and its interdependencies, strengths and weaknesses. That information can be used to create a migration action plan and design workbook.

Keep projects on track

The tool creates management tasks and takes care of notification and reporting to simplify project management. Based on the action plan, ZENfra generates custom automation scripts that help reduce time to completion.

ZENfra can help teams keep migration projects on track during this difficult period and VTG can provide the tool in a number of ways: as a standalone tool, as a tool with training and support from VTG specialists, or as part of a migration service provided by VTG specialist.

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