About our VTG- Cyber Recovery Team

VTG is once again expanding our portfolio of services to meet the needs of our customers.

Recently, our engineering team was requested to help a customer who had all their data corrupted by ransomware.

Additionally, the customer’s backup server was corrupted, which is a standard practice in cyber-attacks. This made the recovery even more difficult.

The customer was down two weeks before they finally engaged a partner.

Cyber Security Protection Firewall Interface Concept

The VTG business recovery team sprang into action, assessed the situation, and quickly developed a plan to move forward.  

All servers could not be restored so the team had to fall back on backed data. However, since the backup server was also affected, the team (following best practices) was able to systematically (and slowly) recover data from the individual weekly backup tapes (yes, there is still a reason for tape backups). Using this technique, the VTG team could compile a list of tapes and painstakingly recover 45 servers. 

The client was so impressed with the VTG Business Recovery team, our Incident Response methodology, and our success that they re-engaged the team to design their new backup strategy. 

Following the VTG Cyber handbook (which includes Assessment, Design, Response, and Recovery Runbooks), the team is currently engaged in the Assessment phase of a complete solution to avoid or mitigate any future cyber events. Thus, ensuring the customer will be better prepared in the future.