In previous blogs, we have highlighted the importance of planning, automation and speed in ensuring a successful migration, but other factors can help you achieve even more impressive results from the project.

For example, by applying cloud engineering skills before the project begins, you can be confident that your applications and workloads are cloud ready, increasing agility even further. And, taking another step back, taking advantage of product engineering and independent software testing services will ensure that your applications and services will make the most effective contribution to digital transformation.

Cloud Engineering – Laying the Groundwork

Cloud engineering services cover all those technical tasks associated with cloud computing, whether the deployment is public, private or hybrid cloud. Generally, the services include cloud architecture, software engineering, systems and network engineering, and security. The aim is to maximize the benefits and minimize the risk in cloud projects.

The process begins with an assessment of your infrastructure and workloads, followed by detailed analysis, planning and recommendations on the most appropriate infrastructure and architecture to meet your business, operational and budget needs.

Cloud engineers use their skills to take care of all the cloud-related deployment tasks, including storage, networks and databases, and they select the most appropriate container and security solutions. They will also set up monitoring and management systems so that your cloud solution continues to operate efficiently with maximum benefit for the business.

Product Engineering – the Right Products for the Cloud

One of the key benefits of cloud is the way it can accelerate the delivery of new services and applications — an essential element in digital transformation. That puts greater emphasis on product engineering to ensure new and existing products are optimized for cloud deployment and capable of integration with other enterprise systems and applications.

Product engineering specialists can provide support throughout the development and deployment lifecycle. They work collaboratively with your business and technical teams to develop a product strategy and roadmap that meets business needs and is suitable for your operational requirements.

Product engineers ensure that your digital products provide users with an intuitive interface and work effectively across the widest range of platforms to support productive mobile working on any device. The solutions will be designed to integrate seamlessly with popular business applications and provide rapid user access from public, private or hybrid clouds.

Independent Testing – Assured Software Quality

Product quality is as important as speed of delivery for digital solutions, and independent software testing can help ensure your applications and services deliver the highest levels of user and customer satisfaction.

Independent testing specialists use experienced testers, automated testing tools and DevOps techniques to provide a fast, objective and cost-effective alternative to in-house testing. Testers ensure that your digital products meet the highest standards of usability, navigation and functionality, as well as any regulatory or security requirements. You can be confident that your software will operate efficiently and reliably, helping your users work more productively.

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