Migration experts

Migration skills are key to ensuring your infrastructure and service levels meet user and customer expectations. There can be a lot of risks associated with migration since you are responsible for executing strategic digital transformation initiatives and data center migration. Here we quickly show the benefits of using an automation tool.

  1. Overcome skills shortages
  2. Provide teams with automation tools
  3. Supplement team skills

Your IT teams need an increasingly wide range of skills to cover their day-to-day tasks, strategic digital transformation initiatives and data center migration. Migration skills are key to ensuring your infrastructure and service levels meet user and customer expectations. They are also integral to digital transformation.

Overcome skills shortages

However, in-house teams may lack the skills and the tools to handle different aspects of migration effectively. A migration project moves through planning, discovery, data capture, analysis, architecting, testing, migration and validation and each stage involves different skills.

In an ideal world, the expert team would include skilled system architects, migration engineers, project engineers and project managers. In reality, building this type of team would require significant investment in training or recruitment and that may not represent best value.

Provide teams with automation tools

VTG can help with a cost-effective solution that provides in-house teams with sophisticated migration tools to help them operate as migration experts for the duration of the project. ZENfra™ is VTG’s patented migration tool that automates each stage of the process and can reduce project lead times by 30 to 40 percent compared to manual methods.

The high levels of automation in ZENfra™ eliminate many of the manual tasks that generally require specific skills. The tool captures information using log files. Team members can use the log files to design the migration process and update the system. ZENfra™ generates the migration script for validation and the project manager can then work with other stakeholders to schedule the migration.

All team members and stakeholders receive automated notifications announcing the start and end of the migration and ZENfra™’s live monitoring system tracks the workload and success rate before releasing an executive report at the end of the project.

Supplement team skills

ZENfra™’s automated processes and accurate data give team members the ability to work more efficiently, confident that they always have up-to-date information without spending time on manual checks. This is particularly important when team members are working remotely because all team members view the project through ZENfra™’s ‘single pane of glass’.

Using ZENfra™’s powerful tools can help non-specialists supplement their own skills and work as migration experts. These are the same tools used by VTG’s team of migration specialists, proven in thousands of large and small migration projects. Training and support is also available to help internal teams get up to speed with ZENfra™ and maximize the benefits from the tool.

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